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Our Core Values

The quality of our books goes hand-in-hand with ethics and integrity we possess in writing. We are highly devoted in our commitment to high ethical standards of publishing and our principles are embedded in our six (6) core values


We are always devoted to publish and sell books of the highest quality in content and design. We ensure that the content in the book match very well with the cover page information. That is why are called ‘Beyond the Cover” Publishers. We also design our publishing agreements so that the author and the publisher are protected against potential copyright infringement and unfair treatment. We create a transparent process of communication with our authors, clients, editors, printers and reviewers.


We strive to build a trusting relationship with our authors and our customers by ensuring that we produce work within the stipulated time and stick to our terms of agreement. We know our limits, and we know the limits of our authors. We try our best to be as trustworthy as possible when presenting our work or the work of our authors. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our authors and their readers.

Team Spirit

At BECO Publishers, we strongly believe that nobody is a whole team and therefore, we need each other. Life is best played as a game of give and get, relate and respond, seek pardon and forgive, lean and support. We always refer to the principle that “Nothing of value has ever been achieved by a single person who never received help from others.” We therefore love to work as a team. Our experience is that a team is always stronger than a lonely genius. We work typically with a team of about four members: one member for editing, a team member for layout and design, one for marketing and one person for project management and administrative tasks.


We have managed to produce exceptional quality work by ensuring high level of professionalism in the undertaking of our work. This is done by subjecting the work to professional writing, editing, grammar check, plagiarism check and reviewing by experts. For every work we do, we send at least 10 dummy copies for review by professors and lecturers of reputable institutions in related field. We also send at least two dummy copies for review by professional language editors who are mainly the teachers of English and Literature in first world schools. Likewise, we submit at least two dummy copies for spacing, paragraphing and editing by expert researchers and writers. The books are printed by established printing firms with over 10 years’ experience in the business of printing.


We are always accountable for our work and we keep our authors informed at each and every step of the publishing journey. We involve authors in planning and decision-making for key aspects of the publication process, from titles and cover design to sales and marketing strategies. We utilize a project management system that triggers emails to all team members for task completion and status updates. Furthermore, we provide helpful and timely information to authors at all stages of publication, and beyond, and facilitate authors to get any ancillary information which we cannot provide.


At BECO publishers, creativity is one of our most valuable element in our processes. We solicit ideas of our authors, team members, clients and partners that can make our books unique, attractive and likeable by our audience. We encourage all team members to contribute freely to the project until we are satisfied that the design, content and layout of the work is as unique and not similar to any other existing published work.

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