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BECO Publishers Publication Policy

Effective Date: 08-10-2023

1.0 Introduction

BECO Publishers is committed to publishing high-quality books and academic materials that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding in various fields. This publication policy outlines the principles, guidelines, and standards that authors, editors, and reviewers should adhere to when involved in the publication process with BECO Publishers.

2.0 Ethical Standards

2.1 Plagiarism and Originality

  • Authors are required to submit original work and any form of plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Authors should indicate the references under bibliography section where content has been borrowed from other works.

2.2 Authorship

  • All authors must have made substantial contributions to the manuscript.
  • Authorship should accurately reflect each author’s contribution to the work.

2.3 Conflicts of Interest

  • Authors should disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the interpretation of their work.
  • Editors and reviewers should also disclose conflicts of interest and avoid mishandling authors’ manuscripts.

3.0 Manuscript Submission and Review

3.1 Manuscript Submission

  • Authors should follow the submission guidelines provided by BECO Publishers.

3.2 Peer Review

  • All manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the content.
  • Reviewers should provide constructive, unbiased and timely feedback.
  • Editors will make publication decisions based on the reviews and the manuscript’s scholarly merit.

3.3 Manuscript Withdrawal

  • Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript at any stage of the publication process.
  • Requests for withdrawal should be made in writing and include a clear justification.

4.0 Publication Process

4.1. Copyright and Licensing

  • Authors retain the copyright to their work but grant BECO Publishers the right to publish and distribute their manuscript.
  • Licensing agreements will be determined by the author and the publisher with options for open access where applicable.

4.2. Editorial Responsibilities

Editors will ensure the integrity of the publication process, maintain confidentiality and handle conflicts of interest appropriately.

4.3. Data and Reproducibility

Authors should provide access to data and methods to facilitate reproducibility of the research as appropriate.

4.4. Corrections and Retractions

  • BECO Publishers will correct or retract publications if errors, misconduct or ethical violations are identified.
  • Authors should cooperate with the publisher in such cases.

5.0 Post-Publication

5.1. Access and Archiving

BECO Publishers is committed to long-term access and archiving of published content to ensure its availability to the research community.

5.2. Updates and Corrections

Authors are encouraged to publish updates or corrections to their work when necessary, with proper justification and documentation.

6.0 Appeals and Complaints

6.1. Appeals

  • Authors may appeal editorial decisions or mishandling of their manuscript.
  • Appeals should be submitted in writing to the Editor-in-Chief.

6.2. Complaints

Any complaint(s) regarding publication ethics violations should be submitted in writing to the Ethics Committee of BECO Publishers.


This publication policy reflects BECO Publishers’ commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and scholarly standards in publishing. Authors, editors and reviewers are expected to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the quality and integrity of the publications produced by BECO Publishers.

This policy is subject to periodic review and updates. Authors and stakeholders are encouraged to consult the latest version available on the BECO Publishers website.

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